In Arabic OMRI means “my soul, my life”, and it took as much soul as it took heart to make this Thousand and One Nights palace rise from the basement of the medina.

The Riad OMRI is an architectural work which was thought and designed as a treasure chest containing the jewels of the ancestral Moroccan hand-crafted know-how.
The best artisans, carpenters, plasterers, tadelakeurs, ironworkers, sculptors etc. … were asked to put all their passion into a goal even nobler than the building of the riad itself : highlighting the treasures of Moroccan craft heritage. Because it was a building work and not a renovation, it has been possible to combine modernity (technical isolation of the building, central heating comfort, earthquake standards) and tradition (corridors lined with arabo-andalusian columns and arches, vaults of sharp edges, secular ironwork, profusion of carved cedar wood, chiseled zelliges and other stucco) as desired.